Tommi Sirén


I am a massage therapist and a Voice Massage therapist, who has specialised in mobilising and treating joints and the soft tissues around them. My selection of treatments also include Treatment of mastication area and classical osteopathy (as a student work).

Languages: English, Finnish

Available treatments

  • Osteopathic treatment as student work
  • Voice Massage
  • Treatment of mastication area
  • Massage
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  • Klassisen osteopatian opintoja Osteopatiakoulu Atlaksen kursseilla syksystä 2018 alkaen.
  • Voice Massage –hieroja, Piia Oikarinen, Turku 2018
  • Koulutettu hieroja, Hierontakoulu Atlas, Espoo 2017. 
  • Kinesioteippaus, Hierontakoulu Atlas, Espoo, joulukuu 2017. 
  • NLP Practitioner (2014), NLP Master Practitioner (2015), NLP Trainer (2017).