Sara Lexmond

On maternity leave


Ever since I was a young dancer I have been fascinated by bodys functions and the versitile and incredible work that the body does for us every single day. Interest about boys functions, movement and recovery and limiting factors behind it drove me to study first massaging and then osteopathy. In osteopathy the person is seen as a whole and that means that the body part that is treated is not necessarily the area of the pain. This is in line in my own experiences and thoughts. I was also studying as an exchange student in a very highly grated Institut des Hautes Etudes Ostéopathique in France. As I graduated as an osteopath I have specialised in treating pregnant ladies and children. Through my own experiences in life and through the work that I have already been doing I have brought some life and health management advices to my work.
I develop my own understanding and experiences about osteopathy and sports by doing post graduation courses, like the ones that Finnish Osteopathic Association provides and other courses and workshops.
Languages: English, Finnish, French


  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Osteopathic treatment for children
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