Hannu Koivisto

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My work is based on classical and biodynamic approaches of osteopathy.
I am specialized in treating babies, children and pregnant.
Since graduation I have deepened my knowledge by taking courses in Finland and abroad. I do think that the best knowledge I have gained is through experience and my everyday practice throughout the years.
I am a licensed osteopath, with a Diploma of Osteopathy, and have performed osteopathic treatments since 2008.
I am also a member of the board for a professional organization of osteopaths, The Finnish Osteopathic Association.

The strength of osteopathy, in my opinion, is the fact that it sees a person as a fully functioning entity. A traditional Western medicine often focuses on treating symptoms only and does not consider the cause. I have too often heard about people who have gone from one expert to another, and used different kinds of medicines for too long a time in order to relieve the pain. When the whole time the real reason and the mechanism of the problem may not have been considered or explored at all.

Like the founders of osteopathy already stated, I also believe that a human is a perfectly functioning entity. Different phenomena in our lives may cause the imbalance for our bodily functions. They might have already happened in the early stages of our lives, e.g. an injury or a trauma in birth or childhood, or troubles caused by work or sports in adult life. That is why I always start the treatment by interviewing the client.
I feel passionate about my work. I get joy and strength for my life in seeing that I can help people with their problems and improve their quality of life. I can only stay humble and be truly thankful for my work and for my clients.

Languages: English, Finnish


  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Osteopathic treatment for children
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