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Osteopathic center ILO (I Love Osteopathy) provides you a space for health in the city center of Helsinki. Osteopathic philosophy emphasizes the concept of Body, Mind and Spirit that includes all the different aspects of health. Osteopathy is finding health for each individual and supportin body, mind and spirit towards balance that it needs to restore its health.

Osteopathic center ILO has a group of professionals ready to help you, big treatment rooms and a special room for rest where you can take a rest before or after treatment, read books about health or just lie down under a warm blanket.

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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that treats the body as a whole. Treatments are done manually and different techniques and principles of treatment are used to make the body work better. Because a human being is an entity, in osteopathy the goal is to get a picture of the whole situation. In that way the problem can be faced as widely as possible.

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